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Welcome to the Loda longitudinal study metadata portal. The portal provides openly available variable-level information on longitudinal data series archived at the Finnish Social Science Data Archive. In Loda, you can browse individual series and datasets, search specific variables on the search page, and easily explore the items to find and investigate new and interesting viewpoints to existing data.

Currently, the portal contains metadata for five studies in the Finnish National Election Study series, conducted between 2003 and 2019.

Finnish National Election Studies

Finnish National Election Studies are nationally representative surveys conducted in connection with parliamentary elections in Finland. Data have been collected by the Election Study Consortium from the year 2003 onwards.

The data, collected through face-to-face interviews and self-administered questionnaires, allow study of changes in public opinion and democracy over time. Some modules are repeated but each study also contains questions on current issues. Main themes include political participation, political attitudes, candidate and party choice, voting, and election campaigning.

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